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News Release

For Immediate Release
July 5, 2018

Governor Sununu Press Office
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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 70 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Please see below for a list of 70 bills Governor Chris Sununu has recently signed into law.

  • HB 1254, establishing a committee to study the procedures for adoption of national codes by the state of New Hampshire; establishing a moratorium on the adoption of changes to the state building code and state fire code; and repealing the joint legislative oversight committee on the emergency management system
  • HB 1260, relative to the payout value of bingo games at private campgrounds and hotels, the hours of operation of Keno, and the sale of Lucky 7 tickets during bingo games
  • HB 1356, relative to data sharing between the department of environmental services and the department of health and human services; making an appropriation to the department of business and economic affairs for relocation costs; and relative to the exemption for recreational vehicles from property taxation.
  • HB 1377, relative to emancipation by marriage and establishing a committee to study the emancipation of minors
  • HB 1468, establishing a commission to study legislative oversight activities related to the department of health and human services and relative to the nursing home bed moratorium
  • HB 1495, relative to standards for determining an adequate education
  • HB 1501, relative to regulation of consultants for games of bingo and lucky 7
  • HB 1562, relative to collaboration between the department of health and human services and foster parents and relative to the disposition of interests in condominium units
  • HB 1626, requiring the governor's commission on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery to report on the cost effectiveness of funded programs, and relative to liquor commission shortfalls
  • HB 1753, relative to transportation of alcoholic beverages by a minor
  • HB 1756, relative to a one-time allowance for certain state retirees
  • HB 1761, relative to the math learning communities program in secondary schools
  • HB 1766, requiring the department of environmental services to report to the general court regarding bedrock testing and perfluorochemical contamination in the seacoast area and at other landfills and hazardous waste sites
  • HB 1775, relative to the appointment of guardians ad litem in parenting cases and relative to alcohol and drug free housing
  • HB 1809, relative to balance billing under the managed care law and relative to coverage for emergency services 
  • HB 1816, relative to Medicaid managed care
  • HB 225, relative to information collection concerning electric renewable portfolio standards
  • HB 252, relative to pro se litigants under the right-to-know law.
  • HB 263, relative to facilities licenses for charitable gaming and relative to security requirements for games of chance
  • HB 267, establishing the New Hampshire transportation council
  • HB 549, relative to beverage vendor fees
  • HB 561, relative to part-time employment of a retirement system retiree by a participating employer
  • HB 1819, relative to administration of the education tax credit
  • HB 1100, establishing a commission to review and evaluate workforce and job training in New Hampshire
  • HB 1354, relative to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and Senate President as members of the University System Board of Trustees
  • HB 1418, relative to establishing a commission to study greater transparency in pharmaceutical costs and drug rebate programs
  • HB 1446, relative to childhood cancer awareness month
  • HB 1807, relative to exploitation of elderly, disabled, or impaired adults
  • HB 1743, relative to funding for the Sununu Youth Services Center, relative to positions at the Department of Health and Human Services, and established a committee to study alternatives to the continued use of the Sununu Youth Services Center
  • HB 1286, relative to fishing and hunting licenses for permanently disabled veterans
  • HB 1739, prohibiting female genital mutilation
  • HB 1329, relative to eyewitness identification procedures
  • HB 1496, relative to requirements for performance based accountability for an adequate education and relative to reporting requirements for the civics competency assessment
  • HB 1565, requiring the secure psychiatric unit to be accredited as a behavioral health facility
  • SB 318, relative to posting and notification requirements for employers, establishing criteria for workplace inspections, and amending certain provisions of the youth employment law.
  • SB 342, requiring identification of specific items in the default budget.
  • SB 343, relative to legislative ethics guidelines.
  • SB 358, relative to reorganization of the department of education.
  • SB 377, relative to the regulation of dentists and dental hygienists by the board of dental examiners.
  • SB 379, relative to retroactive denials of previously paid claims.
  • SB 386, relative to access to criminal records.
  • SB 415, relative to condominium unit owners' special meetings and voting proxies.
  • SB 450, establishing an advisory commission for the department of environmental services relative to the delegation of authority of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program.
  • SB 459, relative to reciprocity for licensure as a real estate broker or salesperson.
  • SB 473, relative to employment contract restrictions upon certain health care providers.
  • SB 491, relative to food protection services in New Hampshire.
  • SB 500, amending references to firearms terminology.
  • SB 506, limiting amendments to warrant articles.
  • SB 507, proclaiming June as post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) awareness month.
  • SB 512, relative to compact sections of towns.
  • SB 513, establishing September as New Hampshire recovery month.
  • SB 527, relative to absentee voting and relative to the statewide centralized voter registration database.
  • SB 531, relative to the office of professional licensure and certification.
  • SB 537, conferring extraterritorial financing powers on the New Hampshire business finance authority.
  • SB 540, relative to the operation of keno games in unincorporated places and permitting keno games in cigar bars.
  • SB 549, relative to plans of safe care for infants affected by substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms from prenatal drug exposure or fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
  • SB 566, establishing a commission to study certain aspects of the school bus driver shortage.
  • SB 570, relative to the work requirement for the child care scholarship program.
  • SB 577, requiring the public utilities commission to revise its order affecting the Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin, prohibiting the import of certain liquid fuels, and relative to the production of useful thermal energy.
  • SB 578, relative to unclassified positions within the department of health and human services.
  • SB 71, relative to the law governing alimony.
  • SB 84, relative to payment of workers' compensation benefits by direct deposit.
  • SB 421, relative to insurance coverage for prescription contraceptives
  • SB 370, adopting the emergency medical services personnel licensure interstate compact
  • SB 487, relative to requirements for certain alcohol and other drugs use professionals and establishing  a state substance use disorder treatment services program
  • SB 479, relative to the oversight commission on children's services and relative to the commission to review child abuse fatalities
  • SB 556, relative to changes in bail procedures and procedures for annulment of criminal record
  • SB 384, relative to written certification under the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes law
  • SB 589, relative to authorizing petitions to state licensure boards for review of an individual's criminal record concerning disqualification for licensure
  • SB 535, relative to licensure for the practice of professional art therapy and relative to certain revenues from the sale of commemorative liquor bottles of historic significance

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