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News Release

For Immediate Release
June 8, 2018

Governor Sununu Press Office
(603) 271-2121

Governor Chris Sununu Signs 75 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Please see below for a list of 75 bills Governor Chris Sununu signed over the last week:

  • SB 92, relative to the consumer complaint process at thebanking department.
  • SB 91, relative to the title loan default process.
  • SB 591, relative to accreditation of health care providers bypharmacy benefit managers.
  • SB 544, transferring department of safety funds to the firestandards and training and emergency medical services fund.
  • SB 538, including police officers of the state office complexpolice force in group II of the retirement system.
  • SB 534, relative to the classification of certain state employeepositions and relative to a review of certain unclassified positions in thedepartment of health and human services.
  • SB 510, relative to municipal notice of leases on tax-exemptproperty.
  • SB 498, requiring an annual report detailing activity related toforfeiture of personal property.
  • SB 496, relative to mediation for certain child supportarrearages.
  • SB 489, establishing a committee to study parental alienation inNew Hampshire.
  • SB 477, establishing a therapeutic cannabis medical oversightboard.
  • SB 456, relative to the appointment of the state medicaldirector for emergency medical services.
  • SB 451, relative to wildlife trafficking.
  • SB 443, relative to the jurisdiction of counties concerningretail electric supply, and allowing the Carroll county convention to employa delegation coordinator.
  • SB 435, relative to alternative programs for granting creditleading to graduation.
  • SB 433, relative to the annual filing of statistical reports tothe department of education and relative to retention of pupil registers kepton a computer.
  • SB 425, relative to limited liability companies.
  • SB 413, relative to name availability for business organizationsand relative to reinstatement of a limited liability company.
  • SB 385, establishing a foster care children's bill of rights.
  • SB 380, relative to the therapeutic use of cannabis.
  • SB 374, relative to adoption of emergency medical and traumaservices protocols.
  • SB 369, relative to the publication of the rulemaking register.
  • SB 366, relative to membership and procedures of the siteevaluation committee.
  • SB 351, relative to managed care programs under workers'compensation.
  • SB 339, relative to voting by zoning boards of adjustment.
  • SB 336, relative to the judicial district for the town ofWaterville Valley and the unincorporated place of Livermore.
  • SB 321, relative to group host net energy metering.
  • SB 314, relative to regulation of mortgage bankers, brokers,servicers, and originators.
  • SB 312, clarifying the New Hampshire Foundation Act.
  • SB 303, relative to a security freeze on a consumer's creditreport.
  • SB 189, requiring insurance policies to cover 3-D mammography.
  • HB 587, relative to conversion therapy seeking to change aperson's sexual orientation.
  • HB 407, requiring workers' compensation to cover prophylactictreatment for exposure.
  • HB 390, relative to parties on certain election forms andballots.
  • HB 1822, making hormonal contraceptives available directly frompharmacists by means of a standing order.
  • HB 1808, repealing certain inactive dedicated funds.
  • HB 1805, establishing a committee to study level dollaramortization of retirement system unfunded accrued liability and relative tothe retirement system board of trustees.
  • HB 1774, relative to parenting plans and relocation of a child'sresidence.
  • HB 1740, relative to parenting plans and relocation of a child'sresidence.
  • HB 1738, transferring the division of film and digital media tothe division of travel and tourism in the department of business and economicaffairs.
  • HB 1720, relative to the storage of beverages produced bycontract brewers.
  • HB 1700, relative to the procedure for placing a security freezeon a consumer credit report.
  • HB 1690, relative to liquor licenses.
  • HB 1687, relative to banking and consumer credit.
  • HB 1654, relative to automobile medical payments.
  • HB 1613, relative to operation of uninspected vehicles.
  • HB 1605, relative to reinsurance.
  • HB 1601, relative to a declarant's options for condominiumexpansion.
  • HB 1593, authorizing a school district meeting to adopt anarticle authorizing the trustees of the trust fund to charge certain expensesagainst capital reserve funds.
  • HB 1592, requiring the commissioner of the department ofenvironmental services to review ambient groundwater standards for arsenic.
  • HB 1589, relative to actions against tenants for acaregiver under an agreement for a person with disabilities.
  • HB 1577, relative to the administration of anesthesia bydentists.
  • HB 1521, relative to the definition of an emergency for a specialassessment in a condominium.
  • HB 1519, relative to the conduct of condominium unitowners' associations votes without a meeting.
  • HB 1497, relative to accountability for school performance.
  • HB 1487, relative to banks and credit unions.
  • HB 1483, amending the wiretapping and eavesdropping statute toinclude private communication networks.
  • HB 1473, relative to the timber yield tax.
  • HB 1472, relative to the state building code provisions forenergy conservation in new building construction.
  • HB 1411, relative to funds transferred to the nongamespecies account.
  • HB 1402, relative to ordinances regarding forestry activities.
  • HB 1340, relative to absences among officers required to bepresent at school district elections.
  • HB 1322, relative to risk-based capital for health maintenanceorganizations.
  • HB 1319, prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity.
  • HB 1309, relative to transferring dogs, cats, and ferrets byanimal shelter facilities.
  • HB 1285, relative to dancers and entertainers in premisesserving alcoholic beverages.
  • HB 1265, relative to the release of criminal conviction records.
  • HB 1261, relative to record management of abuse and neglectreports.
  • HB 1251, relative to indicia for payment of taxes on the transferof real property.
  • HB 1238, relative to animal cruelty involving an equine colt.
  • HB 1233, preempting local regulation of seeds and fertilizer.
  • HB 1215, relative to voting on variances.
  • HB 1564, relative to sexual assault of a victimwho is incarcerated in a correctional institution by a person withsupervisory or disciplinary authority over the victim.
  • HB 1615, relative to speed limits in work zones.
  • HB1692, allowing liquorlicensees to select an anniversary for renewal.

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