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News Release

For Immediate Release
May 31, 2018

Governor Sununu Press Office
(603) 271-2121

Governor Chris Sununu Signs 42 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Please see below for the following bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law this week:

  • SB 170, relative to the authority of towns to issue bonds for the expansion of broadband infrastructure.
  • SB 172, relative to non-menace dams.
  • SB 311, clarifying rules of construction under the New Hampshire Trust Code.
  • SB 323, relative to rehiring of laid off classified state employees.
  • SB 346, relative to requiring enhanced technology ignition interlock devices.
  • SB 368, establishing an exemption from shoreland protection permitting requirements for maintenance and repairs of existing roads and for borings and test wells.
  • SB 376, relative to the sale of certain cold medications.
  • SB 387, relative to liability of governmental units.
  • SB 388, relative to dispensary locations for therapeutic cannabis.
  • SB 390, establishing the office of solicitor general in the department of justice and establishing an unclassified attorney position in the department of justice.
  • SB 396, relative to gold star number plates.
  • SB 410, establishing a commission to study creating a boat safe card.
  • SB 416, relative to transportation network company drivers.
  • SB 417, relative to days of rest for employees of recreation camps and youth skill camps.
  • SB 424, relative to property and casualty insurance.
  • SB 428, relative to the payment of weekly and biweekly wages.
  • SB 429, establishing a consumer services program within the insurance department.
  • SB 436, relative to tuition in the community college system.
  • SB 442, relative to surety indemnification requirements for private postsecondary career schools.
  • SB 444, relative to cutting timber near certain waters and public highways.
  • SB 455, relative to state employees injured in the line of duty.
  • SB 469, relative to the appropriation of funds from the equipment inventory fund.
  • SB 470, relative to positions within the insurance department.
  • SB 474, establishing a committee to study group home rate parity.
  • SB 476, establishing a committee to study reinstituting the unemployed parent program.
  • SB 481, establishing a committee to study the impact of pharmacy benefit manager operations on cost, administration, and distribution of prescription drugs.
  • SB 482, relative to confidential emergency medical and trauma services data.
  • SB 484, reestablishing the commission to address child hunger in New Hampshire.
  • SB 485, establishing a committee to study the relationship between concierge medicine and New Hampshire and federal health insurance law.
  • SB 486, establishing a commission to study enhancing the prescription drug donation program.
  • SB 503, relative to increasing the maximum amount of the optional veterans' tax credit.
  • SB 504, relative to sales of tax-deeded property.
  • SB 505, requiring abutter notice of the construction of a crematory.
  • SB 511, establishing an optional tax credit for combat service.
  • SB 515, relative to commemorative license plates.
  • SB 516, prohibiting motorcycle-only checkpoints.
  • SB 517, establishing an electric vehicle charging stations infrastructure commission.
  • SB 519, relative to the purchase of property for the construction of roads.
  • SB 533, relative to the composition and compensation of the personnel appeals board.
  • SB 564, relative to a business tax exemption and a workforce development program for regenerative manufacturing businesses.
  • SB 573, relative to the controlled drug prescription health and safety program and making an appropriation therefor.
  • SB 1546, an act authorizing the town of Hampton to hold a special town meeting

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