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News Release

For Immediate Release
May 29, 2018

Governor Sununu Press Office
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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 59 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Please see below for the following bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law in the last week:

  • HB 1202, An Act relative to applications submitted to a planning board.
  • HB 1284, An Act relative to the reports required by the incapacitated and vulnerable adult fatality review committee.
  • HB 1289, An Act relative to trespassing domestic fowl.
  • HB 1304, An Act relative to the authorization for forensic audits by a county convention.
  • HB 1331, An Act relative to incidental uses for agricultural plates.
  • HB 1314, An Act repealing the board of conciliation and arbitration.
  • HB 1335, An Act relative to cybersecurity software used by the state of New Hampshire.
  • HB 1352, An Act eliminating the nonresident freshwater bait dealers license and relative to hunting adventure permits.
  • HB 1357, An Act relative to the delivery of articles to a prisoner in a state or county correctional facility.
  • HB 1378, An Act relative to domestic insurance company investments.
  • HB 1389, An Act relative to commercial lines modernization.
  • HB 1401, An Act relative to the New Hampshire accountancy act.
  • HB 1407, An Act repealing the prohibition on the use of milk containers.
  • HB 1420, An Act relative to a criminal penalty for driving after certification as an habitual offender.
  • HB 1453, An Act relative to the traffic safety commission.
  • HB 1484, An Act relative to late fees in manufactured housing parks.
  • HB 1533, An Act relative to termination of variances and special exceptions.
  • HB 1551, An Act relative to the retention of records of individualized education programs.
  • HB 1523, An Act relative to heavy duty recovery vehicles.
  • HB 1575, An Act permitting hunting with an air rifle.
  • HB 1598, An Act relative to the vote to withdraw from a cooperative school district.
  • HB 1599, An Act relative to the governor's commission on disability.
  • HB 1606, An Act relative to naturopathic health care practice.
  • HB 1622, An Act relative to organization of the department of information technology.
  • HB 1623, An Act relative to criteria for debarment of vendors.
  • HB 1638, An Act declaring April 28, 2018 as tabletop gaming day in New Hampshire.
  • HB 1651, An Act establishing a committee to study the use of liquid de-icers and solid salt on roads.
  • HB 1660, An Act relative to delinquent accounts of liquor licensees.
  • HB 1664, An Act relative to terms of appointment of members of governing boards for allied health professionals.
  • HB 1665, An Act relative to the authority of the governing boards of allied health professionals.
  • HB 1684, An Act relative to criminal background checks for emergency medical services license applicants.
  • HB 1689, An Act repealing the repeal of the pollution prevention program of the department of environmental services.
  • HB 1698, An Act relative to the cost of special education services for foster children.
  • HB 1744, An Act authorizing a parent to exempt his or her child from participating in the statewide assessment program.
  • HB 1746, An Act relative to the practices of pharmacy benefit managers.
  • HB 1777, An Act relative to energy infrastructure corridor revenue.
  • HB 1782, An Act establishing a committee to study insurance payments to ambulance providers and balance billing by ambulance providers.
  • HB 1810, An Act establishing a commission to study the effectiveness of the current statutes related to management of non-tidal public water ways and the construction or placement of structures within them.
  • SB 165, An Act authorizing periodic payments as security after a motor vehicle accident.
  • SB 310, An Act establishing a committee to study the feasibility of establishing community-based services pilot programs.
  • SB 315, An Act relative to the definitions of beverage and of mead.
  • SB 316, An Act relative to the regulation of online auctions.
  • SB 319, An Act relative to exempt securities.
  • SB 320, An Act relative to checklists used at elections.
  • SB 324, An Act allowing an optional retirement system allowance to include a subsequent remarriage of a divorced retiree.
  • SB 327, An Act relative to the medical review subcommittee of the board of medicine and time limits for allegations of professional misconduct before the board.
  • SB 332, An Act relative to medication synchronization.
  • SB 333, An Act relative to pharmacy interns and vaccinations.
  • SB 341, An Act relative to the veterans' property tax credit for service-connected disability.
  • SB 345, An Act naming a bridge in the town of Lincoln in honor of the Clark Family.
  • SB 348, An Act relative to senior-specific certifications or designations for securities broker-dealers.
  • SB 349, An Act relative to course requirements in a career and technical education program.
  • SB 356, An Act adding a representative from the community college system to the apprenticeship advisory council.
  • SB 360, An Act establishing a commission to study whether the department of education should be required to conduct criminal history records checks, via a fingerprint check, on all applicants for teacher certification.
  • SB 363, An Act prohibiting political expenditures by foreign nationals.
  • SB 367, An Act relative to public utilities commission review of group host agreements.
  • SB 372, An Act establishing positions in the office of professional licensure and certification and making an appropriation therefor.
  • SB 389, An Act relative to administrative fees on restitution.
  • SB 392, An Act establishing a commission to study and evaluate the impact of the discharge of state prisoners.

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