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News Release

For Immediate Release
May 15, 2018

Governor Sununu Press Office
(603) 271-2121

Governor Chris Sununu Signs 39 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Please see below for the following bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today:

  • HB 151, An Act establishing a committee to study the feasibility of using hemp in agricultural and industrial processes and to further study the licensing, registration, and permitting of industrial hemp growers.
  • HB 305, An Act clarifying lessee liability for month to month leases.
  • HB 410, An Act relative to the legislative youth advisory council.
  • HB 492, An Act relative to electric personal assistive mobility devices.
  • HB 523, An Act establishing a committee to study the use and regulation of biometric information.
  • HB 1227, An Act relative to an unattended idling vehicle on private property.
  • HB 1247, An Act relative to administering oaths to certain state officers.
  • HB 1252, An act relative to certificates of insurance.
  • HB 1256, An Act relative to decal fees for multi-use veterans decal plates.
  • HB 1258, An Act relative to the advanced manufacturing education advisory council.
  • HB 1280, An Act relative to bow and arrow hunting licenses for permanently disabled military veterans.
  • HB 1281, An Act establishing an executive order registry.
  • HB 1290, An Act relative to vehicle registration for new residents to New Hampshire.
  • HB 1303, An Act relative to the purposes of revolving funds in towns.
  • HB 1308, An Act relative to nonrenewal of lines of business.
  • HB 1346, An Act establishing a commission to study the New Hampshire veterans cemetery
  • HB 1349, An Act relative to biological products and diagnostic reagents for animal use.
  • HB 1363, An Act relative to the waiver of vehicle registration suspension fees.
  • HB 1370, An Act relative to a school's emergency management plan.
  • HB 1374, An Act relative to financial technicals.
  • HB 1379, An Act relative to confidentiality of forms and rates.
  • HB 1416, An Act repealing the prohibition on bottle rockets.
  • HB 1421, An act relative to the regulation of event tents.
  • HB 1454, An Act eliminating the commission to study recommendations of the National Transportation Safety Board.
  • HB 1455, An Act relative to vehicle operation at uncontrolled intersections.
  • HB 1493, An Act relative to statewide assessment system of performance in schools.
  • HB 1517, An Act relative to vehicle inspection failures for rust.
  • HB 1518, An Act repealing the requirement that motor vehicle lighting and safety equipment be approved by the director of the division of motor vehicles.
  • HB 1683, An Act relative to the definition of child abuse.
  • HB 1731, An Act relative to regulating bicycles.
  • HB 1795, An Act eliminating the oversight commission on motor vehicle fines.
  • HB 1823, An Act relative to layered amortization of retirement system liabilities.
  • SB 328, An Act relative to attorney general membership on certain committees and repealing criminal justice information system.
  • SB 340, An Act relative to the commissioner of revenue administration's assessment report.
  • SB 359, An Act relative to notice to school districts of out-of-home placements.
  • SB 406, An Act requiring background checks for access to Internal Revenue Service federal tax information.
  • SB 471, An Act relative to the authority of municipalities to address potential natural threats.
  • SB 536, An Act relative to eligibility for death benefits for court security officers.
  • SB 574, An Act clarifying the repayment period for parental reimbursement

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