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For Immediate Release
April 17, 2018

Governor Sununu Press Office
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New Hampshire Releases 10 Year State Energy Strategy

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu and Office of Strategic Initiatives Director Jared Chicoine released the 10 Year State Energy Strategy – charting a course for New Hampshire's energy future. The plan, released by the Office of Strategic Initiatives, comes after months of drafting, public comment sessions, and legislative feedback. This plan is built to lower rates, make a more reliable electric system, and make our state's environmental efforts more effective for the people of New Hampshire.

Governor Sununu said of the Announcement:

"New Hampshire has made great strides over the last year to reinvigorate our economy and to reaffirm our commitment to being open for business," said Governor Chris Sununu. "Short term political calculations of the past must give way to long-term investments for the future. We are working hard to lower our electricity rates - some of the highest in the nation - and today's energy plan will chart New Hampshire's course forward.

"Whether it's the family working hard to make ends meet or the business that has to put off hiring new employees, high electricity costs weigh down on everyone - especially the elderly and those on fixed incomes. It's time for change. New Hampshire's 10 Year State Energy Strategy will address our urgent needs. This plan sets the stage for New Hampshire to finally get out of the business of picking winners and losers in the energy market.

"Electricity touches every aspect of the economy, and New Hampshire's costs are among the highest in the region. Our 10 Year State Energy Strategy provides direction and leadership to our state's policymakers that is squarely aimed at helping our ratepayers. I urge legislators to use the plan as a resource so we can lower rates, we can secure our electric system, and we can take practical steps to protect our environment."

Office of Strategic Initiatives Director Jared Chicoine said:

"Our 10 Year Energy Strategy represents a new outlook for energy in New Hampshire. Our focus is first and foremost on New Hampshire's ratepayers, with an emphasis on practical results and long-term planning. This plan provides a solid foundation for successful, cost-effective energy policy."

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