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News Release

For Immediate Release
June 16, 2017

Governor Sununu Press Office
(603) 271-2121

Governor Chris Sununu Signs 38 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Please see below for the following bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today:

HB 437, Relative to the authority of municipal law enforcement officers and relative to information contained in certain motor vehicle records.
HB 323, Relative to standards for revaluations established by the assessing standards board.
HB 251, Relative to capital reserve fund appropriations by municipalities.
HB 514, Relative to alternate members of planning boards.
HB 586, Relative to the regulation of certain professions by the office of professional licensure and certification.
HB 152, Relative to wholesale distributors of alcoholic beverages.
HB 612, Relative to livestock and meat inspection.
HB 140, Authorizing wine manufacturer retail outlets.
HB 88, Relative to Purple Heart and Pearl Harbor survivor number plates.
HB 600, Relative to requirements for certain alcoholic beverage licenses.
HB 355, Relative to criminal record checks in adoption proceedings and foster family home licensing.
HB 330, Relative to form and rate filing fees.
HB 291, Removing veterinarians from the requirements of adopting rules for prescribing opioids and querying the controlled drug prescription health and safety program.
HB 301, Relative to the regulation of electric grills.
HB 310, Relative to insurance group-wide supervision and relative to supervisory college confidentiality.
HB 322, Adding rulemaking authority to require completion of a certain survey as part of the license renewal process for health care providers.
HB 100, Relative to the definition and use of toy smoke devices.
HB 349, Relative to out-of-home placements under the child protection act.
HB 99, Relative to beverage containers.
HB 352, Relative to the energy efficiency fund.
HB 98, Relative to brewpub licenses.
HB 431, Establishing a commission to study long term goals and requirements for drinking water in the seacoast area.
HB 513, authorizing the state veterans' advisory committee to accept gifts, grants, and donations for payment of the committee's costs, prohibiting the inclusion of statewide assessment results in a student's transcript without consent, and relative to assessments administered to pupils in grades 3 through 8.
HB 178, Establishing a commission to study processes to resolve right-to-know complaints.
HB 501, Relative to access to minutes of meetings of condominium unit owner's associations.
HB 362, Prohibiting certain immunization requirements for noncommunicable diseases.
HB 502, Relative to the availability of condominium financial information to unit owners.
HB 157, adding chronic pain to qualifying conditions under therapeutic use of cannabis.
SB 17, Relative to treatment for hepatitis C under the law relative to use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.
SB 65, Relative to vaccines administered by pharmacists.
SB 130, Relative to classification of certain state employee positions.
SB 140, Relative to the independent investment committee in the New Hampshire retirement system.
SB 161, Establishing a commission to evaluate the direct care workforce and preparedness of long-term care and support services for aging adults with dementia or other cognitive brain injuries.
SB 176, To officially retain the name of a bridge in the city of Lebanon as Lyman Bridge.
SB 210, Relative to certain positions in the insurance department.
SB 234, Relative to hypodermic syringes and needles containing residual amounts of controlled drugs and authorizing the operation of syringe service programs in New Hampshire.
SB 53, Relative to regulation of appraisal management companies by the real estate appraiser board.
SB 21, Relative to licensure and continuing education of architects.

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