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Posted: August 20, 2021


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State Urges Preparedness Ahead of Possible Storm Impact

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu provided the following update on Tropical Storm Henri, which is forecasted to intensify and reach hurricane strength on Saturday, ahead of reaching New Hampshire.

The latest forecast from the National Weather Service predicts Henri will make a close approach to New Hampshire and Maine later this weekend through Monday, with potential for direct and indirect impacts to the region.

“State officials are working around the clock to monitor the impacts of this impending storm,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “The state is putting every resource forward in our efforts to respond to Henri. Our top priority is keeping folks safe, so it is important that everyone heed the messaging from Emergency Management Officials that will come through the weekend.

The State has been in contact with utility providers. They are all closely monitoring storm updates and taking necessary steps to be prepared to respond to any service interruptions.

New Hampshire has not had a direct impact from a Hurricane-strength storm since Hurricane Bob in 1991.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to be prepared; know what to do and have the things you need to stay safe. Learn more about emergency preparedness at

Steps to be prepared:

  • Stay informed – sign up for NH Alerts at and monitor news and weather for current conditions.
  • Have an emergency kit with enough food, water and medicine for everyone in your household for a minimum of three days. Don’t forget your pets.
  • Have a plan – have contact information, know your evacuation route or alternative location, and a plan of action for emergencies.

Take action before a hurricane:

  • Monitor local radio or television for official emergency information and instructions.
  • Tie down or bring in any objects that could be blown around by winds.
  • Board up or cover windows.
  • Know your potential risk for flooding and you evacuation route – if advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

Be safe during a hurricane

  • Monitor local radio or television for official emergency information and instructions.
  • Stay away from windows and glass doors. Secure and brace external doors.
  • If conditions warrant, take refuge in a safe room – a small, interior room.
  • Report power outages to your utility provider.
  • Call 9-1-1 in an emergency.