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For Immediate Release
December 9, 2019


Communications Director
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I applaud Governor Sununu for putting New Hampshire families first

What They're Saying...

Concord -

Ahni Malachi, Executive Director, New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights:
"This Executive Order is a challenge to the State to lead by example in the area of families. This opportunity is a good step in creating empathy in the workplace and more shared experience among colleagues. This is a conversation starter, as well as a positive way to continue to strengthen nuclear families with the support of working families."

Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director, New Hampshire Lottery:
"The New Hampshire Lottery is pleased to be able to offer this innovative program, which provides another option for working families. We are always looking for ways to support our employees and we appreciate the Governor putting New Hampshire families first."

Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald:
"The Department of Justice is pleased to join the Infants-in-the-Workplace Initiative. There are clear benefits to allowing employees to provide ongoing, direct care for their infants while continuing to serve in their professional capacities.  This is a great opportunity to enhance the balance between work and family life for the dedicated employees of the Department of Justice."

Jared Chicoine, Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives:
"This innovative program is a critical component to attracting and retaining younger workers. I applaud Governor Sununu for putting New Hampshire families first and for supporting a healthy work-life balance for State employees."

Jerry Little, Commissioner, Banking Department:
"We are very pleased to support Governor Sununu’s Infants in the Workplace initiative.  Our most important asset at the Banking Department is our people and this program will help us attract and retain younger citizens to our workforce.  It fits nicely with other steps we’ve already taken to foster a work environment that recognizes the importance of a healthy, family-focused work/life balance."

Kerrin Rounds, Interim-Commissioner, Department of Health and Human Services:
"When new parents are ready to return to the workplace, it can be a challenge to find appropriate child care settings for their newborns. Governor Sununu’s Infants-In-The-Workplace Initiative ensures additional new child care options are in place for State employees who need them. The Department is pleased to support the Governor’s initiative and make it available to our employees."

Ken Merrifield, Commissioner, Department of Labor:
"Our agency is looking forward to implementing this measure as a forward-looking recruitment and retention tool. State agencies are, and should be, a welcoming and family-friendly environment."

Robert Scott, Commissioner, Department of Environmental Services:
"The Department of Environmental Services is pleased to have a yet another tool to make the State of NH an even better workplace."

Robert Quinn, Commissioner, Department of Safety:
"We’re happy to participate in this effort to support the hard-working mothers and fathers who keep our state safe. Importantly, the policy provides the flexibility to ensure its implementation at Safety is effective in supporting our mission to continually enhance the safety and quality of life for New Hampshire’s residents and visitors.”

Taylor Caswell, Commissioner, Department of Business and Economic Affairs:
"Like any employer, finding and retaining top tier talent to join state government is a high priority. Family-friendly policies like the Governor’s ‘Infants in the Workplace’ program can help our new parents here at BEA negotiate the work-life balance, which is one of the pillars of New Hampshire’s vibrant pro-growth economy."