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For Immediate Release
July 12, 2019


Communications Director
(603) 271-2121 | [email protected]

Governor Sununu Signs 43 Bills Into Law, Vetoes 6 Bills

Concord, NH - Please see below for a list of 43 bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today:

  • HB 122, allowing for gifts, grants, and donations to legislative employees or officers for expenses associated with state and national legislative association events.
  • HB 239, relative to requirements for supervision for licensure of certain mental health and drug counselors.
  • HB 261, requiring the commissioner of the department of environmental services to revise rules relative to arsenic contamination in drinking water.
  • HB 271, relative to apprentice electricians and third party electrical inspections.
  • HB 359, relative to warning labels on prescription drugs containing opiates.
  • HB 399, relative to annulment of arrests or convictions for possession of a certain quantity of marijuana.
  • HB 429, establishing a committee to study ways to improve civic engagement in New Hampshire.
  • HB 443, relative to municipal watering restrictions.
  • HB 468, relative to the inclusion of attendance stipends and certain additional pay for instructional activities as earnable compensation in the retirement system.
  • HB 480, relative to sports betting.
  • HB 591, amending the laws governing OHRVs and snowmobiles.
  • HB 631, establishing a deaf child's bill of rights and an advisory council on the education of deaf children.
  • HB 660, relative to studying the economic and other impacts of OHRV use in New Hampshire.
  • HB 710, relative to adoption of state building code and fire code amendments.
  • SB 4, relative to the group and individual health insurance market.
  • SB 22, relative to the construction property tax exemption.
  • SB 26, relative to the New Hampshire health care quality assurance commission.
  • SB 37, relative to the registration of motor vehicles.
  • SB 51, establishing a commission to study expanding mental health courts statewide.
  • SB 56, establishing a committee to study motor vehicle registrations and drivers' licenses of active duty military personnel.
  • SB 58, relative to payment for low-dose mammography coverage.
  • SB 62, relative to temporary layoffs of certain seasonal workers and establishing a commission to study school bus driver background checks.
  • SB 80, relative to membership on the board of mental health practice, applications for licensure by mental health practitioners, and insurance credentialing of out-of-state mental health practitioners and psychologists.
  • SB 85, reestablishing the commission to study environmentally-triggered chronic illness.
  • SB 98, clarifying the New Hampshire trust code and establishing a committee to study the effects of past trust code legislation.
  • SB 103, authorizing municipalities to engage in multi-town bonding projects.
  • SB 110, relative to the investigations by the state fire marshal.
  • SB 111, relative to the collection of health care data.
  • SB 115, establishing a commission to study the business environment for mental health providers in New Hampshire.
  • SB 127, relative to the Hampton judicial district and establishing the Hampton district court as a site for judicial branch family division cases.
  • SB 128, relative to the court accreditation commission.
  • SB 154, establishing a committee to study tax incentives for promoting development of dense workforce housing in community centers, and authorizing the sale of certain property by the town of Milton.
  • SB 164, establishing a committee to study unprotected drinking water sources.
  • SB 177, relative to the use of physical restraints on persons who are involuntarily committed.
  • SB 185, relative to development of the New Hampshire state rail trails plan by the department of transportation and making an appropriation therefor.
  • SB 187, relative to OHRV dealer and rental agency registration fees and snowmobile registration fees.
  • SB 192, relative to self-service storage facility liens.
  • SB 200, relative to wildlife corridors.
  • SB 206, excluding the cost of lobbying and political activity from the rates of public utilities.
  • SB 210, relative to emergency medical and trauma services.
  • SB 245, relative to fees for simulcast racing.
  • SB 270, establishing a tax credit against the business profits tax for donations to career and technical education centers.
  • SB 292, relative to implementation of the new mental health 10-year plan.

Please see below for a list of 6 bills that Governor Chris Sununu vetoed today:

  • HB 198, clarifying the prohibition against the use of mobile electronic devices while driving. – Veto Message for HB 198
  • HB 349, relative to a second opinion on health care matters for state and county prisoners. – Veto Message for HB 349
  • SB 74, relative to register of deeds fees used to support the land and community heritage investment program (LCHIP), and establishing a committee to study the economic impact of land conservation and to review the LCHIP surcharge. – Veto Message for SB 74
  • SB 88, relative to registry identification cards under the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes law. – Veto Message for SB 88
  • SB 148, relative to notification to public employees regarding their right to join or not join a union. – Veto Message for SB 148
  • SB 196, relative to non-academic surveys administered by a public school to its students. – Veto Message for SB 196

NOTE: SB 207, relative to rules adopted by the Department of Environmental Services pursuant to the 2014 report of the coastal risks and hazards commission, became law without Governor Sununu's signature.