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For Immediate Release
June 21, 2019


Communications Director
(603) 271-2121 | [email protected]

Governor Sununu Signs 27 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH - Please see below for a list of 27 bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today:

  • HB 188, amending the definition of headway speed
  • HB 196, relative to proof of residency for fish and game purposes
  • HB 267, relative to the international registration plan
  • HB 301, relative to funeral and burial or cremation expenses for assisted persons
  • HB 325, relative to control of marine pollution and aquatic growth
  • HB 337, relative to property and casualty insurance
  • HB 342, relative to insurance examinations
  • HB 347, adding insurer's policy administration expenses to commercial rate standards
  • HB 350, relative to licensed health care providers authorized to certify that criteria has been met for the use of therapeutic cannabis
  • HB 370, relative to membership on city and town planning boards
  • HB 391, relative to permits for vehicle registration
  • HB 396, relative to delay or denial of records under the right-to-know law
  • HB 419, relative to the position of house clerk
  • HB 427, relative to the procedure for filing a protective order on behalf of a minor
  • HB 574, relative to the emancipation of minors
  • HB 598, establishing a commission to study beer, wine, and liquor tourism
  • HB 606, relative to certain insurance licensing statutes
  • HB 607, relative to life and health insurance
  • HB 625, relative to an aquatic invasive species decal for boats
  • HB 648, defining and regulating service entities
  • HB 654, relative to surety required on construction loans
  • HB 700, relative to valuation of utility company assets for local property taxation
  • HB 730, relative to funding for the CART program
  • SB 50, relative to testing to determine alcohol concentration
  • SB 126, relative to competency evaluations for certain court proceedings
  • SB 129, relative to misdemeanor cases filed in superior court
  • SB 239, relative to implementation of the blue alert system in New Hampshire.