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Posted: May 27, 2022


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Governor Chris Sununu Takes Action on 33 Bills

Please see below for the list of 29 bills Governor Chris Sununu signed:

  • HB 536, An act relative to death benefits for public works employees killed in the line of duty, and relative to workers' compensation offsets for certain retirement system benefits
  • HB 1001, An act authorizing the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains to issue decals for multi-use decal plates
  • HB 1018, An act relative to the board of medical imaging and radiation therapy
  • HB 1048, An act relative to minimum nonforfeiture amounts under the standard non forfeiture law for individual deferred annuities
  • HB 1118, An act relative to the determination of parental rights and responsibilities following the death of a child's parent or guardian
  • HB 1205, An act allowing the department of environmental services to have access to enhanced 911 information
  • HB 1220, An act prohibiting the docking of houseboats on Perkins Pond in Sunapee
  • HB 1236, An act relative to the legislative oversight committee for the education improvement and assessment program
  • HB 1244, An act relative to parental consent to medical and dental treatments of children in schools
  • HB 1249, An act relative to weights and measures
  • HB 1263, An act relative to prescribed studies on health, physical education, wellness and personal finance literacy in schools
  • HB 1285, An act relative to the multi-use energy data platform
  • HB 1303, An act relative to causes for absolute divorce
  • HB 1331, An act relative to power line maintenance and construction
  • HB 1367, An act relative to civics instruction in schools
  • HB 1475, An act relative to the enforcement authority of liquor enforcement officers
  • HB 1493, An act relative to the drug forfeiture fund
  • HB 1609, an act relative to certain provisions of the fetal life protection act requiring an ultrasound examination
  • HB 1613, An act relative to certain liquor manufacturers
  • HB 1667, An act relative to the standard and optional veterans' tax credit and the all veterans' tax credit
  • HB 1677, An act relative to the administration and settlement of claims of abuse at the youth development center and making appropriation therefor
  • SB 53 An act relative to confidentiality of department of revenue administration records
  • SB 210, An act relative to the sale of manufactured housing parks
  • SB 220, An act relative to establishing a committee to study licensure of mental health professionals
  • SB 225, An act relative to the bond required of applicants for auctioneer licenses
  • SB 239, An act relative to noncompliance with municipal audit requirements
  • SB 256, An act establishing a committee to study the feasibility of replacing the site evaluation committee
  • SB 265, An act relative to the aggregation of electric customers by counties
  • SB 268, An act relative to the approval of power purchase agreements for offshore wind energy resources from the Gulf of Maine

Please see below for a list of bills Governor Chris Sununu vetoed. Veto messages are hyperlinked below: