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Date: July 03, 2024


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 81 Bills Into Law, Vetoes 4

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 81 bills into law:

  • HB 147: Relative to membership of the advisory committee on the education of students with disabilities
  • HB 306: Relative to prohibiting reunification therapy
  • HB 398: Relative to notice of PFAS contamination prior to the sale of real property
  • HB 637: Relative to the calculation of average daily membership in attendance and average daily membership in residence for certain home educated pupils
  • HB 1020: Establishing a committee to study restoration of competency
  • HB 1043: Relative to the capital appropriations for the legislative parking garage design and police standards and training council facility improvements
  • HB 1056: Relative to child day care licensing
  • HB 1060: Relative to establishing a geologic resources committee
  • HB 1081: Relative to insurance payments to ambulance providers
  • HB 1083: Relative to vehicles held in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship
  • HB 1105: Relative to application of a local tax cap
  • HB 1113: Relative to shoreland septic systems
  • HB 1116: Relative to certain firearms to be used for taking of game
  • HB 1125: Relative to requiring public notice and comment at all county commissioner and delegation meetings
  • HB 1131: Relative to mental health practice
  • HB 1139: Relative to location of conventional septic systems relative to the seasonal high-water table
  • HB 1140: Relative to requirements for homeowner installations of septic systems
  • HB 1141: Relative to requirements for approval to increase load on a sewage disposal system
  • HB 1143: Including control of cyanobacteria blooms under the New Hampshire clean lakes program
  • HB 1163: Relative to review of public-school minimum standards by the legislative oversight committee
  • HB 1167: Relative to the math learning communities’ program
  • HB 1169: Creating a private cause of action for discrimination based on hairstyles relative to a person's ethnicity
  • HB 1172: Relative to meetings of condominium boards and committees
  • HB 1181: Relative to solid waste districts
  • HB 1188: Relative to qualifications for licensed nursing assistants
  • HB 1190: Relative to adopting the interstate social work licensure compact
  • HB 1217: Relative to an exception to allow the state or a municipality to use video monitoring to identify the cause of damage to historic covered bridges
  • HB 1236: Establishing a pilot recruitment and retention program within the department of health and human services and relative to the income eligibility for "in and out medical assistance" under the state Medicaid plan
  • HB 1264: Relative to the definition of accessible voting systems
  • HB 1300: Relative to terminal patients' right to try act
  • HB 1304: Relative to vessel registration and boat fee decals
  • HB 1318: Relative to the duties of the opioid abatement advisory commission
  • HB 1319: Relative to prohibiting the nonconsensual dissemination of synthetic sexual images
  • HB 1345: Relative to the length of terms for Coos county officers
  • HB 1354: Relative to special number plates for surviving spouses of veterans
  • HB 1359: Relative to appeals of certain zoning decisions by abutters
  • HB 1360: Relative to emergency authority on the public or coastal waters of the state
  • HB 1366: Relative to penalties for the negligent or reckless operation of boats
  • HB 1387: Relative to revisions to the state building code
  • HB 1424: Relative to pistols permitted for taking game
  • HB 1457: Establishing penalties for driving over covered wooden bridges in vehicles that exceed posted limits and for vehicular damage to covered wooden bridges
  • HB 1463: Establishing a committee to study the effects of laws relative to the production of beef, pork, and poultry
  • HB 1468: Directing the department of transportation to develop a Conway Branch rail line master plan
  • HB 1511: Relative to liability for children with disabilities in certain court ordered placements or episodes of treatment
  • HB 1542: Relative to possession and presentation of safe boater education certificates
  • HB 1564: Relative to the child support guidelines
  • HB 1591: Relative to fines for prohibited sales of tobacco
  • HB 1698: Relative to the use of drones for the aerial application of pesticides
  • SB 173: Relative to surprise medical bills
  • SB 177: Relative to health insurance coverage of prosthetics for children under 19 years of age
  • SB 302: Adding an additional exemption from the regulation of physicians and surgeons
  • SB 312: Relative to third party liability in Medicaid
  • SB 315: Relative to law enforcement agency reporting on information concerning bias crimes
  • SB 330: Relative to allowing the ability to work from home to count toward unemployment benefits eligibility
  • SB 333: Relative to access to financial services for minors in legal custody or guardianship and relative to the board of directors of mutual banks and mutual holding companies
  • SB 334: Relative to providing for the issuance of bonds and other obligations by the business finance authority of the state of New Hampshire to finance student loans
  • SB 350: Relative to gap health insurance coverage for prima facie presumptive conditions for emergency response/public safety workers
  • SB 362: Relative to body-worn cameras
  • SB 373: Relative to the state building code
  • SB 396: Relative to making an appropriation to the culinary arts program at the Wilbur H. Palmer Regional Career and Technical Education Center
  • SB 399: Relative to insurance coverage for blood testing associated with elevated lead levels
  • SB 411: Establishing a committee to study emergency mental health services for persons 21 years of age and younger in New Hampshire
  • SB 412: Relative to residential care and health facility licensing
  • SB 426: Relative to the transportation of marijuana in a motor vehicle or OHRV
  • SB 462: Relative to raising the cap on damages for wrongful death loss of consortium claims
  • SB 467: Authorizing the Injury Prevention Center to issue motor vehicle decal plates
  • SB 488: Relative to the regulation of physician assistants
  • SB 489: Relative to election audits
  • SB 492: Relative to wastewater engineering
  • SB 505: Relative to the prohibition on the sale of hemp products containing certain levels of THC
  • SB 515: Relative to consumer guarantee contracts
  • SB 531: Relative to background checks of municipal health officers
  • SB 549: Relative to procedures for inspection and transfer of dams and establishing a committee to study alternatives for the funding, operation, maintenance, and repair of state-owned dams
  • SB 554: Relative to Medicaid provider enrollment licensure verification
  • SB 557: Relative to prohibiting discriminatory actions related to participation in the federal 340B Drug Pricing
  • SB 560: Relative to establishing a committee to study the impact of pharmacy benefit manager operations on cost, administration, and distribution of prescription drugs
  • SB 561: Relative to prior authorizations for health care
  • SB 576: Relative to reporting the death of voters
  • SB 582: Relative to providing an alternate address to the department of motor vehicles
  • SB 589: Relative to wastewater surcharges
  • SB 598: Requiring funeral procession lead vehicles to obey yield signs

The Governor also vetoed the following four bills today:

  • HB 1093: Prohibiting mandatory mask policies in schools
  • SB 63: Relative to the adoption of public health ordinances by municipalities
  • SB 501: Relative to driver licenses for noncitizens residing in New Hampshire
  • SB 507: Extending the time to petition for a new trial in certain cases

NOTE: A copy of the HB 1093 veto message can be found here.

NOTE: A copy of the SB 63 veto message can be found here.

NOTE: A copy of the SB 501 veto message can be found here.

NOTE: A copy of the SB 507 veto message can be found here.

NOTE: Yesterday, Governor Chris Sununu also signed SB 352, establishing an early detection cancer screening pilot program for active and retired firefighters, into law.