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Posted: June 17, 2022


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 63 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – This week, Governor Chris Sununu signed 63 bills into law:

  • HB 1097, An act relative to taxation of income of New Hampshire residents when working remotely for an out of state employer
  • HB 1103, An act relative to certain assets in a divorce proceeding
  • HB 1125, An act relative to school emergencies  
  • HB 1168, An act establishes a committee to study the New Hampshire law relative to soil conditioners and relative to costs eligible for reimbursement from the oil discharge and disposal cleanup fund
  • HB 1221, An act relative to the rate of the business profits tax, and relative to payment by the state to political subdivisions of an amount equal to a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers
  • HB 1277, An act relative to the reporting of cybersecurity incidents
  • HB 1318, An Act relative to penalties for employer noncompliance with retirement system requirements  
  • HB 1319, An act relative to granting certain corrections personnel death benefits if killed in the line of duty
  • HB 1320, An act relative to public exposure of deceased human bodies
  • HB 1339, An act relative to the Winnipesaukee river basin control replacement fund
  • HB 1343, An act allowing limited legal services to be provided by certain paraprofessionals
  • HB 1381, An act relative to student school board members
  • HB 1388, An act relative to the unsolicited disclosure of an intimate image  
  • HB 1390, An act to access to language translation services in telemedicine  
  • HB 1398, An act establishing a committee to study the feasibility of centralized criminal history records checks in education  
  • HB 1420, An act prohibiting the issuance of new landfill permits until the state's solid waste plan is updated
  • HB 1469, An act establishing a committee to study the need for anti-discrimination legislation in the New Hampshire financial services industry
  • HB 1496, An act requiring political subdivisions to make voter checklists available in electronic form to any resident
  • HB 1507, An act requiring childcare investigatory findings to be timely published
  • HB 1535, An act relative to a one-time allowance for certain state retirees  
  • HB 1546, An act enabling the commissioner of the department of environmental services to adopt rules relative to airborne PFAS in certain circumstances
  • HB 1548, An act relating to the sale of the Lakes Region Facility  
  • HB 1554, An act relative to online payment of fees relating to the operation of off highway recreational vehicles and snowmobiles, and relative to grants administered by the bureau of trails for OHRV trail development and maintenance
  • HB 1579, An act relative to landowner liability on land authorized for outdoor recreational activities
  • HB 1584, An act establishing a capital improvement grant program for the benefit of state fairs and agricultural fairs
  • HB 1594, An act relative to assistance to certain students with disabilities in registering to vote
  • HB 1636, An act relative to prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile
  • SB 204, An act relative to the definition of "covered claim" for purposes of the New Hampshire insurance guaranty association act
  • SB 242, An act relative to the disqualification of certain persons from performing the duties of an election official
  • SB 273, An act relative to broadband infrastructure funding
  • SB 282, An act relative to the board of acupuncture licensing and relative to the qualifications for licensure as an acupuncturist
  • SB 285, An act relative to discount medical plan organizations
  • SB 289, An act relative to glucagon administration and relative to the dispenser report under the controlled drug prescription health and safety program
  • SB 309, An act authorizing certain organizations to issue decal plates
  • SB 316, An act relative to lucky 7 licenses
  • SB 321, An act relative to the purchase of output of limited electrical energy producers in intrastate commerce and including qualifying storage systems
  • SB 330, An act establishing a committee to study and make recommendations relative to the office of professional licensure and certification and the licensure of professions under boards, councils, and commissions within the office and relative to the expiration of terms of the board of foresters members
  • SB 336, An act relative to family mediator interns
  • SB 346, An act relative to a feasibility and impact study for the construction of a pier on Hampton Beach
  • SB 350, An act relative to rulemaking by the state board of education on educational personnel applicant checks and licensing standards
  • SB 354, An act relative to insurance adjuster licensing, insurance producer licensing fees, and the sale of credit life and credit accident and health insurance policies by banks
  • SB 367, An act relative to the regulatory status of advanced recycling and manufacturing facilities
  • SB 368, An act establishing the agricultural hearings officer revolving fund and relative to penalties for unlawfully transferring dogs, cats, and ferrets
  • SB 379, An act establishing the solid waste management fund and grant program
  • SB 383, An act relative to land surveying services
  • SB 389, An act defining mobile service garages and relative to state vehicle inspections
  • SB 393, An act relative to the use of restraints on pregnant women in the custody of a state or county correctional facility
  • SB 394, An act relative to the definition of a child with a disability under special education laws and providing funding for special education costs for students over age 21 to age 22
  • SB 395, An act establishing the wireless development initiative and the wireless deployment grant fund
  • SB 398, An act relative to the advisory committee to study the state building and fire codes
  • SB 404, An act establishing a supplemental nutrition assistance program
  • SB 405, An act  relative to fines and penalties for election law violations and relative to consequences resulting from election official misconduct
  • SB 406, An act relative to driver's license reciprocity  
  • SB 409, An act relative to disaster relief loans
  • SB 412, An act making an appropriation to the department of health and human services for nursing home reimbursement rates
  • SB 416, An act relative to behavioral health assessment and treatment for children in out-of-home placements
  • SB 418, An act relative to verification of voter affidavits
  • SB 421, An act relative to dual and concurrent enrollment for career and technical education center students
  • SB 435, An act relative to the net operating loss carryover under the business profits tax
  • SB 443, An act relative to municipal authority regarding the state building code
  • SB 444, An act relative to childhood adverse experiences treatment and prevention
  • SB 450, An act relative to the prescription drug affordability board