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Posted: August 04, 2023


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 54 Bills Into Law, Vetoes 2

Concord, NH – This week, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 54 bills into law:

  • HB 75: Relative to the election of Strafford County commissioners
  • HB 83: Relative to county commissioners' authority on county buildings
  • HB 97: Establishing an additional penalty for violation of privacy
  • HB 119: Relative to homestead food operation licensure and making provisions for the sale of meat from uninspected bison, elk, or red deer
  • HB 211: Relative to a report by the department of energy on the effectiveness of the system benefits charge
  • HB 233: Relative to useful thermal energy under the renewable portfolio standards
  • HB 238: Relative to the role of quality control and the developmental disability service system
  • HB 244: Relative to the delivery of absentee ballots
  • HB 275: Relative to schools approved for a school tuition program by a school board
  • HB 287: Removing fentanyl and xylazine testing equipment from the definition of drug paraphernalia in the controlled drug act
  • HB 296: Relative to local authority for granting driveway permits
  • HB 308: Relative to a quorum for meetings open to the public to include remote presence
  • HB 321: Relative to minutes from nonpublic sessions under the right to know law
  • HB 349: Relative to a special purpose school district for Bridgewater, Hebron, and Groton
  • HB 358: Relative to the filing and adoption of proposed administrative rules and relative to overpayment of unemployment compensation and relative to policies relating to nursing mothers
  • HB 384: Relative to building a new legislative parking garage and making an appropriation therefor, renaming the capital project overview committee, and establishing the joint legislative parking garage oversight commission
  • HB 408: Relative to foster children and vaccinations
  • HB 421: Relative to providing menstrual hygiene products at no cost to individuals who biologically menstruate in state and county correctional facilities
  • HB 442: Relative to the removal of derelict fishing gear
  • HB 467: Relative to public playground accessibility
  • HB 492: Requiring the department of education to provide the house and senate standing committees responsible for education with copies of the laws and rules relative to education
  • HB 536: Relative to the chartered public school joint legislative oversight committee, and relative to chartered public school use of unused district facilities
  • HB 642: Relative to budget flexibility for services for the developmentally disabled
  • SB 11: Relative to African American burial grounds
  • SB 15: Relative to the use of tree stands and observation blinds
  • SB 21: Relative to the due date and delivery on monthly reports and fees to the liquor commission
  • SB 44: Relative to the license requirements for certain alcohol and other drug use professionals
  • SB 54: Relative to purchased power agreements for electric distribution utilities
  • SB 58: Relative to arrests without a warrant while in the care of a medical professional on the premises of a residential care or health facility
  • SB 59: Relative to the director of charitable trusts
  • SB 71: Relative to workers compensation for firefighter cancer disease
  • SB 74: Relative to the department of administrative services
  • SB 78: Relative to subdivision regulations on the completion of improvements
  • SB 94: Relative to residential childcare licensing of childcare institutions and agencies
  • SB 99: Relative to the responsibilities of insurers in conducting reviews of the operations of administrators
  • SB 105: Relative to information collected by the division of vital records administration as part of the live birth worksheet
  • SB 107: Relative to the general administration of regulatory boards and commissions
  • SB 111: Relative to the town council-town manager form of local government
  • SB 142: Relative to the regulation of forms and rates for property and casualty insurance
  • SB 147: Relative to the board of dental examiners
  • SB 150: Relative to the family mediator certification board
  • SB 160: Relative to the use of OHRV's on designated trails
  • SB 170: Relative to a small group child day care centers
  • SB 172: Allowing court-appointed guardians to receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families benefits
  • SB 187: Relative to driver's licenses for certain visa holders
  • SB 188: Relative to catalytic converters
  • SB 195: Relative to the purchase of steel products with the Buy America certification
  • SB 200: Relative to optometrists
  • SB 207: Relative to mental health critical incident intervention and management, and relative to mental health practice
  • SB 213: Relative to educational institution policies on social media
  • SB 216: Making changes to the requirements for civics education in schools
  • SB 225: Establishing the commission to study the assessing of power generation
  • SB 228: Relative to the Hilton Park boat ramp
  • SB 240: Relative to conditions for genetic testing

Governor Chris Sununu vetoed the following two bills this week:

  • SB 193: Relative to the obligation of collective bargaining units to negotiate in good faith
  • SB 256: Establishing a safety program for off-highway recreational vehicles

Note: A copy of the SB 193 veto message can be read here.

Note: A copy of the SB 256 veto message can be read here.