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Posted: June 07, 2022


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 48 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed 48 bills into law:

  • HB 314, An act relative to homestead food operation licensure
  • HB 1163, An act relative to over voted ballots
  • HB 1230, An act permitting online presentation of deer for registration
  • HB 1246, An act relative to interlock devices
  • HB 1270, An act repealing the legislative oversight committee to monitor the transformation of delivery of electric services
  • HB 1288, An act relative to the terms for certain officers and the names, duties and funds of certain divisions within the Department of Administrative Services
  • HB 1462, An act relative to motorcycle learner's permits
  • HB 1614, An act requiring the recording and storing of digital video in all state-funded juvenile detention facilities
  • SB 205, An act relative to the Insurance Department Administration Fund
  • SB 206, An act relative to consumer guaranty contracts
  • SB 207, An act relative to administrative fee credit for insurance company external review
  • SB 208, An act relative to life insurance
  • SB 212, An act relative to liquor manufacturers
  • SB 221, An act relative to the internal organization of the Department of Corrections
  • SB 226, An act establishing a recruitment and retention program for state government
  • SB 228, An act relative to the regulation and practices of physician assistants
  • SB 233, An act relative to water bottle filling stations in schools
  • SB 236, An act establishing a committee to study NH teacher shortages and recruitment incentives and relative to defining secondary school grades for teacher loan forgiveness programs
  • SB 251, An act relative to the advisory board of a tax increment financing district
  • SB 261, An act relative to net metering participating
  • SB 267, An act establishing the upland invasive species program, program fund, and program coordinator in the Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food
  • SB 272, An act establishing a committee to study the oversight and operation of the public deposit investment pool
  • SB 275, relative to the opioid abatement trust fund and advisory commission
  • SB 276, An act relative to the reporting requirements for the regenerative manufacturing workforce development program
  • SB 278, An act relative to funding for the Piscataqua River turning basin project in the port authority in the Pease Development Authority
  • SB 283, An act relative to membership of the council on autism spectrum disorders and the developmental services quality council
  • SB 288, An act establishing a committee to study the listing of immunizations for children
  • SB 297, An act relative to obtaining out-of-state discovery and testimony
  • SB 303, An act relative to the reimbursement of sheriff’s offices for prisoner custody and control
  • SB 305, An act relative to the operation of personal water craft in marked channels from Hampton Falls to Hampton Harbor
  • SB 312, An act relative to adjusted assessments of taxable property
  • SB 317, An act reducing the interest rate for abatements of paid property taxes
  • SB 318, An act extending the hours in which games of chance may be conducted
  • SB 325, An act relative to local organization for emergency management and first responders
  • SB 334, An act establishing a committee to study property blight in NH cities and towns
  • SB 335, An act relative to collaborative pharmacy practice agreements
  • SB 337, An act relative to emergency medical and trauma services data sharing to the purposes of analysis
  • SB 352, An act relative to substitute teacher criminal history records check
  • SB 363, An act relative to service credit for certain group II retirement eligibility
  • SB 371, An act making an appropriation to the lead paint hazard remediation fund
  • SB 375, An act relative to requirements for charitable organizations
  • SB 382, An act relative to licensure requirements for telehealth services and relative to licensure of physicians and physicians assistants through reciprocity agreements
  • SB 386, An act relative to the determination of state adequate education grants and chartered public school tuition
  • SB 429, An act relative to the site evaluation committee
  • SB 440, An act relative to the office of offshore wind industry development
  • SB 442, An act relative to the suspension of a vehicle registration as a result of evading toll collection systems
  • SB 446, An act directing the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a plan relative to fostering sustainable childcare opportunities for working families and businesses
  • SB 454, An act establishing a committee to study information by the division of vital records administration as part of the live birth worksheet