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For Immediate Release
July 10, 2019


Communications Director
(603) 271-2121 | [email protected]

Governor Chris Sununu Signs 42 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH - Please see below for a list of 42 bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today:

  • HB 286, relative to free inspection of records under the right-to-know law.
  • HB 287, relative to nepotism in state employment.
  • HB 335, relative to therapeutic cannabis dispensary locations.
  • HB 351, relative to exemptions from property attachments.
  • HB 394, relative to crop theft.
  • HB 450, relative to examinations conducted by the banking department.
  • HB 474, relative to principal offices of trust companies and banking and trusts insurance.
  • HB 486, relative to Department of Corrections procedures concerning the requirement for restoration of the voting rights of felons.
  • HB 491, relative to questioning and detaining suspects.
  • HB 518, repealing certain statutes concerning reimbursement of cost of care by inmates.
  • HB 524, establishing a committee to study issues and impediments to starting, running, and growing home and commercial day care facilities in New Hampshire.
  • HB 544, relative to the governance of the Manchester school district.
  • HB 550, extending foster care beyond age 18.
  • HB 577, relative to call blocking in an automated telephone dialing system.
  • HB 588, relative to presidential nominations.
  • HB 595, relative to the administration of the tobacco tax.
  • HB 620, relative to the penalty fee structure for late premium tax payments.
  • HB 657, relative to prescription drugs under the managed care law.
  • HB 713, relative to transportation of pupils.
  • HB 725, relative to certain standards for managed care organizations.
  • SB 17, relative to financial regulation technicals under insurance law.
  • SB 24, relative to New Hampshire's regional greenhouse gas initiative program.
  • SB 27, relative to certain unclassified positions within the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • SB 49, relative to the state fire code.
  • SB 53, relative to maintenance of roads and highways to summer cottages.
  • SB 54, relative to the road toll bond requirements for licensed fuel distributors.
  • SB 64, relative to antifraud plans maintained by insurance companies.
  • SB 92, relative to transfer of vehicle ownership.
  • SB 101, relative to procedures for county audits and recodifying provisions for performance and forensic audits.
  • SB 104, relative to the postponement of city, town, village, and school district elections.
  • SB 105, relative to contributions to inaugural committees.
  • SB 119, directing hospitals to develop an operational plan for the care of patients with dementia.
  • SB 121, relative to acquisition rights and easements at Weeks Crossing Dam in the town of Warren by the department of environmental services.
  • SB 125, relative to parental reimbursement for voluntary services provided under the child in need of services (CHINS) program.
  • SB 131, reestablishing a commission to study grandfamilies in New Hampshire.
  • SB 149, relative to voluntary application of the uniform prudent management of institutional funds act to certain charitable trusts.
  • SB 178, relative to telemedicine for spectacle and contact lenses.
  • SB 180, relative to privileged communications under the law governing mental health practice.
  • SB 197, relative to noncompete agreements for low-wage employees.
  • SB 203, making modifications to legal requirements for wetlands and environmental council administrative appeals.
  • SB 232, adopting the model psychology interjurisdictional compact.
  • SB 252, relative to the detection and prevention of financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.

NOTE: HB 669, relative to gender identity information included on drivers' licenses and nondrivers' identification cards, became law without Governor Sununu's signature.