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Posted: August 10, 2021


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 30 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 30 bills into law:

  • HB 99, relative to seasonal platforms on public waters of the state
  • HB 120, relative to administration of psychotropic medications to children in foster care
  • HB 143, relative to an electronic prescription drug program and establishing licensure and requirements for licensed social workers, licensed social work associates, and social work conditional licenses
  • HB 164, relative to the acquisition, sale, or demolition of municipal land or buildings
  • HB 224, relative to tinted windows on motor vehicles, relative to civil liability for damage to highways, and relative to employer access to motor vehicle records
  • HB 278, relative to the use of unused district facilities by chartered public schools
  • HB 326, requiring town and city clerks to make electronic lists of persons who have applied for absentee ballots available to candidates upon request
  • HB 413, establishing a solid waste working group on solid waste management planning, relative to compost, and establishing a statewide solid waste disposal reduction goal
  • HB 479, relative to pharmacist provider status, nicotine cessation therapy, and pharmacy benefit manager requirements
  • HB 533, establishing a division of investigation and compliance in the lottery commission
  • HB 542, relative to the protection of religious liberty
  • HB 572, relative to pharmacist administration of vaccines and allowing a licensed advanced pharmacy technician to administer vaccines
  • HB 605, relative to the therapeutic cannabis program
  • HB 610, requiring certain licensing and reporting functions be conducted through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry, relative to background investigations of trust officers, to certain filing fees, assessments, and interest rates, and to the transmission of consumer complaints by the banking department, requiring employers to provide certain workplace accommodations for employees, establishing the New Hampshire housing and conservation planning program, and relative to the collaborative care model service delivery method
  • SB 22, relative to the sale of Lucky 7 tickets
  • SB 40, relative to informed consent to search a motor vehicle and amending the statutory requirements for a search warrant
  • SB 58, relative to the administration of occupational regulation by the office of professional licensure and certification
  • SB 88, adopting omnibus legislation relative to broadband
  • SB 101, increasing the minimum gross business income required for filing a business profits tax return
  • SB 102, adopting omnibus legislation on property taxation
  • SB 103, relative to nexus provisions for certain disaster-related or emergency-related work performed in the state
  • SB 104, adopting omnibus legislation relative to the classification of state employee positions, reverse auctions, and the organization of the department of administrative services
  • SB 129, relative to minimizing environmental impacts on the habitats of endangered or threatened species
  • SB 131, adopting omnibus legislation relative to vehicles, municipal water maintenance certificates, nondriver's picture identification, and firefighter and emergency medical services decals
  • SB 133, adopting omnibus legislation relative to occupational licensure
  • SB 134, adopting omnibus legislation relative to civil actions and criminal liability
  • SB 143, adopting omnibus legislation relative to certain agency requests
  • SB 146, adopting omnibus legislation relative to the environment
  • SB 147, adopting omnibus legislation relative to student aid, the central registry, transportation of students, and special education costs
  • SB 148, adopting omnibus legislation relative to vocational and career education, environmental education, and emergency plans for sports injuries