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Posted: March 18, 2022


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 3 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Please see below for a list of 3 bills signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu today:

  • HB 95, relative to milk pasteurization
  • HB 435, relative to the suspension of drivers' licenses
  • SB 307, relative to the issuance of safe boater education certificates and commercial driving instruction

Note: Please see below for a list of 5 other bills also signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu earlier this year:

  • HB 54, apportioning county commissioner districts
  • HB 427, prohibiting corporal punishment of children in state agency programs
  • HB 549, relative to the system benefits charge and the energy efficiency and sustainable energy board
  • HB 1650, relative to mileage for members of the legislature
  • SB 17, relative to permitting dogs in outdoor dining areas of restaurants

Note: Governor Sununu also vetoed HB 319 earlier this year, requiring students in the university and community college systems of New Hampshire to pass the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services civics naturalization test.