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Posted: July 28, 2023


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 29 Bills Into Law, Vetoes 1

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 29 bills into law:

  • HB 139: Relative to hydrogen and establishing a hydrogen advisory committee
  • HB 249: Establishing regulatory standards for pet insurance industry and allowing restaurant owners to keep their dog on the premises
  • HB 268: Relative to the furnishing of special number plates to the liquor commission, division of enforcement and licensing, and official cover plates for house and senate clerks
  • HB 377: Relative to screening and intervention in public schools and public charter schools for dyslexia and related disorders and establishing an addition to adequate education grants for certain pupils screened for dyslexia and related disorders
  • HB 426: Relative to regulation of pharmacists in charge and pharmacies
  • HB 491: Relative to prohibiting the use of prone restraint for minors
  • SB 31: Relative to technical changes to the laws administered by the insurance department
  • SB 32: Relative to the opioid abatement trust fund
  • SB 66: Relative to financial transactions involving the liquidation or rehabilitation of an insurer in which the Federal Home Loan Bank is a party
  • SB 67: Relative to changes to certain weights and measures statues
  • SB 76: Relative to reporting of medico-legal deaths
  • SB 89: Relative to accommodation for medical reasons in issuing marriage licenses
  • SB 103: Including the raid on Fort William and Mary in Portsmouth in the planning of the American revolution sestercentennial commission
  • SB 110: Relative to residency status
  • SB 113: Relative to the electric utility system benefits charge
  • SB 118: Requiring children under the age of 2 years to be restrained in a motor vehicle
  • SB 136: Prohibiting the employment or volunteering of a revoked or suspended educator
  • SB 139: Relative to the price of Lucky 7 tickets
  • SB 161: Relative to low-moderate income community solar projects
  • SB 171: Relative to the definition of youth recreational programs
  • SB 183: Exempting certain phone calls from the right to know law
  • SB 189: Relative to the definition of gross business profits in determining taxable business profits
  • SB 197: Relative to the operation and regulation of certain business entities within the state
  • SB 204: Requiring trauma kits to be available in state – owned buildings
  • SB 215: Relative to nursing certification requirements
  • SB 222: Relative to the definition of broadband infrastructure as a revenue-producing facility eligible for municipal revenue bonds
  • SB 245: Relative to the inspection of hotel guest records
  • SB 268: Allowing for pre-hospital treatment and transportation for operational canines
  • SB 269: Relative to tip pooling and sharing

Note: The Governor also vetoed SB 42, relative to overpayment of unemployment compensation. A copy of the Governor's veto message can be found here.