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Posted: June 20, 2023


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 26 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Yesterday, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 26 bills into law and issued the following statement regarding SB 152, relative to New Hampshire workforce training programs:

"I'm proud to continue supporting the marine trades by signing SB 152 into law," said Governor Chris Sununu. "This bill will make it easier for Granite Staters to join the industry by creating an education pathway in our trade schools. Last week, we stopped the feds from destroying maritime careers, and this week we're helping this important industry to expand by attracting new employees – a win-win!"

  • HB 72: Relative to the tenure of public librarians
  • HB 111: Establishing a committee to study electrical vehicle charging for residential renters
  • HB 152: Relative to soil and plant additives
  • HB 252: Exempting certain agricultural operations from certain municipal noise ordinances
  • HB 376: Establishing a committee to study the current education, training, and requirements for personnel employed as emergency dispatchers and 911 telecommunicators for police, fire, and emergency medical organizations
  • HB 385: Relative to the approval of community electric aggregation plans by the department of energy
  • HB 407: Relative to regulations on alcohol
  • HB 412: Re-establishing a commission to study revenue alternatives to the road toll for the funding of improvements to the state's highways and bridges and their resulting improvements
  • HB 517: Relative to background checks for surrogate parents
  • HB 520: Relative to escrow accounts maintained by licensed non depository mortgage bankers, brokers, and servicers
  • HB 550: Relative to charted public school dissolution
  • HB 576: Relative to administration of a commercial property assessed clean energy (C-PACE) program in a clean energy efficiency and clean energy district
  • HB 613: Relative to regulation of the individual health insurance market under RSA 404-G
  • SB 20: Relative to keno license applications and fees
  • SB 23: Establishing a study committee on meat processing
  • SB 27: Relative to financial disclosure forms filed by judges
  • SB 62: Relative to landowner liability under RSA 147-B, the hazardous waste cleanup fund
  • SB 65: Relative to screening panels for medical injury claims
  • SB 72: Relative to provider credentialing procedures
  • SB 152: Relative to New Hampshire workforce training programs
  • SB 159: Establishing a committee to study unlimited service area permits for landfills and out of state waste coming into New Hampshire
  • SB 162: Relative to exemptions from rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats, and ferrets
  • SB 211: Relative to background investigations of solid waste and hazardous waste facility permit applicants
  • SB 208: Relative to online access to state information on economic relief disbursements
  • SB 244: Relative to false public alarms
  • SB 264: Relative to parentage