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For Immediate Release
June 5, 2019


Communications Director
(603) 271-2121 | [email protected]

Governor Chris Sununu Signs 22 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH - Please see below for a list of 22 bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today:

  • HB 118, relative to notifying a child's primary health care provider of a report of abuse or neglect
  • HB 171, establishing a commission to study equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in cocurricular activities
  • HB 256, establishing reciprocity for notaries in abutting states
  • HB 259, relative to building code violations
  • HB 268, relative to real estate commissions paid to unlicensed entities
  • HB 285, relative to filing and approval of rates and rating plans applicable to workers' compensation
  • HB 297, relative to political advertisements on behalf of political committees or advocacy organizations
  • HB 324, relative to operation of personal water craft around the marsh lands or flats in the Hampton/Seabrook estuary
  • HB 328, repealing the New Hampshire film and television commission
  • HB 329, relative to review and adoption of school data security plans
  • HB 356, relative to the retention of certain reports by institutions of higher learning
  • HB 389, requiring the secretary of state to prepare materials for businesses relative to service dogs
  • HB 402, relative to required notice of mortgage funding at a construction jobsite
  • HB 463, relative to licensure of advanced pharmacy technicians
  • HB 684, relative to mediation of rent increases in manufactured housing parks
  • HB 740, exempting certain mortgages from the law regarding licensing of nondepository mortgage bankers, brokers, and servicers
  • SB 28, relative to an active retirement system member appointment to the independent investment committee
  • SB 40, relative to online driver education
  • SB 109, relative to paid details by personnel of the division of fire safety
  • SB 136, relative to classification of students for tuition purposes in the university system
  • SB 298, relative to summoning out-of-state witnesses in criminal cases
  • SB 299, requiring good behavior as a condition for release without arrest or bail