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For Immediate Release
June 25, 2019


Communications Director
(603) 271-2121 | [email protected]

Governor Chris Sununu Signs 21 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH - Please see below for a list of 21 bills that Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today:

  • HB 140, establishing a commission to study the licensing of drivers from foreign countries.
  • HB 260, relative to the purging of motor vehicle violations.
  • HB 281, relative to flow devices designed to control beaver damming and minimize the risk of flooding behind an existing beaver dam.
  • HB 320, relative to organizations authorized to issue decals for multi-use decal number plates.
  • HB 338, relative to rebates under the law governing unfair insurance practices.
  • HB 345, relative to certification of devices for the electronic counting of ballots.
  • HB 354, establishing a committee to investigate whether modification should be made to the time frame for determining permanency pursuant to RSA 169-C:24-b.
  • HB 361, relative to property settlement including animals.
  • HB 415, relative to the official ballot referendum form of town meetings.
  • HB 448, making technical corrections in the Department of Education.
  • HB 457, establishing a committee to study the making, preservation, and Internet availability of audio and video recordings of proceedings of committees of the House of Representatives.
  • HB 458, repealing certain inactive dedicated funds.
  • HB 570, establishing a commission to study career pathways from full-time service year programs to postsecondary education and employment opportunities in support of New Hampshire's future workforce needs.
  • HB 600, adding an exception to the real estate transfer tax for transfers of interest in certain low-income housing.
  • HB 670, relative to the cost of prescription drugs.
  • SB 29, establishing a commission to study incidents of workplace violence against state employees.
  • SB 55, authorizing the Harris Center for Conservation Education to issue decals for multi-use decal plates.
  • SB 147, relative to adoption of the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
  • SB 189, relative to the insurance premium tax.
  • SB 297, extending the deadline for arraignments.
  • SB 314, relative to release of a defendant pending trial.