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For Immediate Release
July 9, 2021


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 16 Bills Into Law

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed 15 bills into law.

After signing SB 155, an act codifying select emergency orders issued by the governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Sununu issued the following statement:

“With New Hampshire no longer in a State of Emergency due to COVID-19, I appreciate the legislature passing SB 155, codifying flexibility for our citizens in a variety of ways,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “Emergency licensing of medical providers and nurses is a big boost for our health care workforce. And the continued authorization of outdoor dining ensures that the Granite State continues to benefit from the efficiencies made through Covid."

After signing SB 66, an act providing flexibility for takeout and delivery of alcoholic beverages, Governor Sununu issued the following statement:

“The flexibility given to restaurants and their customers to get beer and wine with their takeout order was a big hit during Covid. We all appreciate the legislature making these opportunities permanent for New Hampshire."

A complete list of bills signed into law today by Governor Sununu can be found below:

  • HB 25, An act making appropriations for capital improvement
  • HB 330, An act relative to sports book locations
  • HB 397, An act relative to permitting fees under the shoreland protection act
  • HB 424, An act establishing a commission to study ways to reduce texting while driving
  • HB 523, An act requiring a person who registers to vote without any identification to have his or her photo taken before his or her registration to vote is complete
  • SB 14, An act relative to the direct shipping of liquor
  • SB 16, An act amending the alimony statute due to changes in federal tax law
  • SB 32, An act relative to the fallen state troopers' memorial
  • SB 34, An act relative to the definition of a controlled drug analog and prohibiting the sale or possession of synthetic urine and urine additives
  • SB 51, An act relative to the sale of lobster meat
  • SB 66, An act allowing on-premises licensees to transport beverages and wines for delivery to consumers
  • SB 84, An act relative to village district public bodies
  • SB 124, An Act adopting omnibus legislation relative to insurance
  • SB 155, An act codifying provisions included in select emergency orders issues by the Governor in response to the COVID 19 pandemic
  • SB 162, An act relative to the Department of Health and Human Services, the NH Granite Advantage health care trust fund, and health facility licensure

Earlier this week, Governor Sununu also signed HB 282, an act relative to a private school that is approved as a tuition program, into law.

Governor Sununu signing HB 282