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Posted: August 08, 2023


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Governor Chris Sununu Signs 13 Bills Into Law, Vetoes 1

Concord, NH – This week, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 13 bills into law:

  • HB 188: Relative to the duration of physical therapy
  • HB 221: Relative to the acquisition of agricultural land development rights and relative to the use of game cameras
  • HB 281: Relative to least cost integrated resource plans of utilities; municipal hosts for purposes of limited electrical energy producers; the cost of compliance with disclosure of electric renewable portfolio standards; repealing the energy efficiency and sustainable energy board: and procedures for energy facility siting by the site evaluation committee
  • HB 315: Prohibiting provocations based on a victim's actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation from being used as a defense in a criminal case
  • HB 409: Relative to the organization of the office of professional licensure and certification
  • HB 584: Relative to the Uniform Commercial Code's article on controllable electronic records
  • HB 611: Relative to eligibility criteria for the therapeutic cannabis program and establishing a commission to study state-controlled sales of cannabis and relative to the prohibition on the sale of hemp products containing certain levels of THC
  • SB 53: Relative to the definition of the state building code
  • SB 60: An act relative to water quality
  • SB 85: Relative to emergency behavioral health services and behavioral health crisis programs
  • SB 126: Relative to licensure requirements for telehealth services and relative to licensure of physicians and physician's assistants treating patients incarcerated with the department of corrections
  • SB 149: Relative to nurse agencies
  • SB 166: Relative to electric grid modernization

Governor Chris Sununu also vetoed HB 337, relative to directing the office of professional licensure and certification to provide notice of public meetings and an opportunity for comment from the public and creating a new attorny II position.

Note: A copy of the HB 337 veto message can be read here.