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Posted: April 03, 2020


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Governor Chris Sununu Issues Executive Order 2020-05, Emergency Orders 24 and 25

Concord, NH – Concord, NH - Today, Governor Chris Sununu issued Executive Order 2020-05, renewing the Declaration of a State of Emergency due to the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, for a period of 21 days, and also issued Emergency Orders 24 and 25 as part of the state's efforts to respond to COVID-19.

"Emergency Order #24 makes some clarifications and modifications to Emergency Order #4, the temporary prohibition evictions and foreclosures," said Governor Chris Sununu. "Let me be clear: Emergency Order #4 does not relieve a tenant of an obligation to pay rent. We all have an obligation to be good neighbors and treat each other fairly, and this extends to both landlords and tenants. I strongly encourage all tenants who have difficulty paying their rent to work with their landlord to develop a payment plan and pay what they can. Many tenants should be able to utilize the expanded unemployment benefits provided by the State and Federal Government to pay all or part of their rent. At the same time, I strongly encourage all landlords to comply with the protections provided by the State and seek to form a workable arrangement with their tenants. Emergency Order #24 makes clear that landlords may initiate eviction proceedings against tenants who cause damage to property or who present a threat to the health and safety of their neighbors. During these challenging times, we must continue to balance the need to provide relief to those struggling financially while ensuring that individuals do not take unfair and harmful advantage of the protections that the State has provided. These orders I am issuing today are intended to do just that."

  • Emergency Order #25: Temporary modification of interest penalty for late payment of property taxes

"The orders I am issuing today provide some needed clarification and relief for both landlords and tenants," said Governor Chris Sununu. "With Emergency Order #25, municipalities will now have the option to offer a blanket abatement of interest for late property tax payments. I encourage municipalities to utilize this authority where they are able to provide relief to their citizens."

Note: Additional guidance pertaining to Emergency Order #24 from the Department of Justice.