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Governor Chris Sununu Endorses All LEACT Recommendations, Puts Forward Road Map for Implementation

Concord, NH — Today, Governor Chris Sununu put forward a roadmap for the State of New Hampshire to implement all recommendations that arose from the New Hampshire Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community, and Transparency (LEACT), which Governor Chris Sununu established through an Executive order in June after the murder of George Floyd.

LEACT released a report containing three parts which focused on training, reporting and investigation of police misconduct, and community relations. They detailed numerous reforms for the State of New Hampshire to take action on.

“Today I am endorsing every single recommendation from all three parts of the LEACT report,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “Their charge was difficult — to come up with recommendations on how to improve Law Enforcement here in New Hampshire. As I have long said, New Hampshire has some of the best law enforcement in the country, but there is always room to improve, grow, and adapt. I cannot thank the members of the Commission enough for their tireless work. These issues are incredibly important and should not be political. I am confident these reforms, which received unanimous support from the Commission, will be enacted with bipartisan support. And, as I have long said, cost will not be a barrier to implementation.”

The roadmap for these recommendations details the avenues that each reform will be implemented through.

  • First, immediate reforms that can be accomplished through Executive Order.
  • Second, immediate reforms that can be initiated through rulemaking
  • Third, reforms that need to be taken up by the legislature
  • Fourth, reforms which will be implemented by local law enforcement agencies through encouragement and assistance from the state.

Governor Chris Sununu will be issuing an Executive Order to take immediate action on many of these reforms within the next two weeks.

For reforms that require legislation, Governor Sununu has asked the Attorney General to lead the effort to craft legislation for the Legislature’s consideration. Once a draft of that legislation is prepared, Governor Sununu will be asking the majority and minority leaders in both houses of the next Legislature to sponsor and shepherd this legislation through to passage.

A copy of the roadmap can be found here.